Guest Blogger: A personal request to share his story (via e-mail)

Hey everyone,

Recently I received an e-mail from a 40 year old man, from California (United States of America) whom has personally requested that I share his story, and has given me permission to do so. It has been written in 2 Parts.

WARNING: This is TMI (Too Much Information) personally shared story. If uncomfortable, please look elsewhere.

*NOTE: BM is Bowel Movements.

This is his story, shared in his words.

Part 1: 

I’m single white male, late 40s,California

Began having constipation issues age 14,diagnosed with mega-colon,encopresis,and anal fissures.i would go potty every 3 to 6 days,causing extremely large BMs.
Doctor told my mom to give me a FLEET enema once a week to go potty easier.
So I got embarrassing weekly enemas from my mom age 14 to 22,but the enemas did help a lot.tried diet changes and exercise ,but only enemas helped.
At 22 I moved out but struggled with constipation still ,at age 28,I moved back in with mom after dad died.
I had to start getting enema again from Mom just to get to work.
Mom decided to try FLEET mineral oil enemas at age 28,mineral oil enemas helped me pass the hardened compacted bms I had, better then fleet saline enemas I got in my teens.
I’m embarrassed to admit I STILL get weekly enemas from Mom or my aunt
End part 1.
Part 2:
Part 2 of my story is when I moved back in with mom in my late 30s,I had mega colon diagnosis,and had to get weekly fleet mineral oil enemas
End part 2.
Thank you for being brave, opening up and trusting me by sharing your story. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
You are not alone.
Thank you for reading. If anyone YOU wish to share your story, send an e-mail to:
All my love,

A Short Post

Hey to all my readers out there,

How are you doing? Anything exciting happened? Looking forward to anything in the week ahead?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged recently. I’ve been away overseas to America for the filming (and acting) with Dean Cain on the movie “A Horse for Summer”. I shall blog about my adventure in another post. I came home for 5 days and then left again to go onto another overseas trip to Papua New Guinea. I just returned home last night. Overseas (and especially when on a cruise ship), I find that I struggle to maintain a strong Internet connection. I have noticed that a weak connection (and sometimes wireless) make it harder to get a blog post entered. It’s much easier (and preferred) to wait until home and blog to my heart’s content.

I haven’t forgotten you all, don’t worry. Feel free to e-mail me: or use any of my other contact links if you wish to contact me confidentially. Don’t be afraid to post your comments on my blog. Sharing your thoughts and stories help to connect people, especially in the Encopresis family.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and keep reading. Take care,


Encopresis survivor on tour – thoughts?

It has been suggested that I go on tour and share my experiences with others, publically. I didn’t realise how much Encopresis affects so many lives (both directly and indirectly) until I began my journey and this blog. For those that aren’t aware, I have come into contact with families (parents, survivors and battlers) from all over the world including Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, the UK, India and many more (feel free to share where you’re from). If I travelled around (perhaps as a part of my book launch), tell me…who would be interested in this?

Understandably there are many (and I do mean many) of families that are embarrassed about Encopresis or don’t want anyone to know what’s happening in your personal lives. As a Encopresis survivor I too understand how much it means the world to communicate, meet and connect with others that truly know what Encopresis is like. You aren’t alone if you’re afraid of how society handles it and yet dream of not being alone. A social get-together or a big event, school chats, connecting with professionals and Ellen DeGeneres. “Be the person you wish to see” is what I’m talking about here. When I had Encopresis I wished with all my heart to find someone else that admits to doing what I did…and it’s a rarity to find someone willing to share their experiences publically. If going on tour (or book launch) can be of some help to you and your life, please let me know, whether you post your thoughts here on e-mail:

You can count on me. I’m willing to chat to whomever I can to help. To turn Encopresis from a curse to a blessing isn’t easy, and I’m here to help you along the way. What are you thoughts on this? Would you go to one if you knew? Has anyone else done this before (specifically a survivor)?

Have an amazing weekend ahead everyone and thank you for reading. Take care,


“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible”

You know you are an Encopresis child when…

Below are 10 different ways of knowing whether you are an Encopresis child or not. You know you are an Encopresis child when…

1. Certain people’s attitude stink more than you do.

2. You have more bullies than real friends.

3. Bedwetting is socially acceptable, but the opposite is considered socially taboo.

4. No one appears to understand and you feel so alone.

5. How you smell on the outside is not how you are as a person on the inside.

6. Punished for something out of your control is hard to forget.

7. Having a social life is hard to have when no one wants to be social with you.

8. Why me? I didn’t choose this, how is it my fault? Please love me.

9. You physically can’t feel/smell yourself and no one believes that as the truth.

10. You wish and dream that you’re normal, happy and people love you.

There are more but let me know what you think. 🙂

The magic within us

If you haven’t noticed already, there have been some changes implemented to my blog. The first one is it now has it’s own domain name (although will take you here), it’s URL is now: . Some other changes are a background and a few other things (new improvements to come).

Although I had other ideas of names for the domain, including “iamfreetobeme” and “uniquelyyou”, they were already registered by other users. I love magic (especially illusion magic), and even with encopresis you can still find that “magical something” that makes us truely unique. Whether it’s a quirk, a gift or talent, to each of us there is a magic…what type of magic it is is up to you to find. Also “themagicwithinus” is gender neutral, at least I think so. One of my dreams as a child (and still is to this day) is to be an Illusionist‘s assistant.

Welcome to my blog for 2013. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing it as much as I do in writing it. When I have other noticable updates (including the ability to e-mail me via this blog), then I will make it known to you. Enjoy, keep safe, never give up on your dreams and stay true to yourself.

Pee & Poop (or Poop & Pee) = Is it ok?

A parent asked me if it’s ok or normal when doing a pee for some poop to come out (or while trying to do a poop that you pee instead), my answer is yes. Although I’m not a doctor, as someone that has personally experienced encopresis, this particular situation used to happen to me several times.

There were occasions when I was trying for a poop (really trying) and I would have a trickle of pee coming out instead. I would feel that pressure of pushing (and that “half-half” feeling), but the poop would stop coming out and I’d pee. Admittedly it feels weird when this happens, it didn’t upset or scare me, it actually to be honest felt good. It felt like it was releasing the tension abit, and able to push (like a strange lubricant). I know this might not make sense but that’s what happened. Sometimes now I do wonder if maybe some pee had been trapped in the intestines because of being bound up and when pushing it was freed. Keep in mind that although the urethra and the rectum use different muscles, the same control of pelvic muscles are used (if that makes sense).

I’m not sure if it’s considered “normal” for an ordinary/non-encopresis person to experience this, but as an encopresis survivor I can say that it’s ok for an encopresis person to have happen.

I survived encopresis, am totally ok and have no medical problems because I peed a little when trying to poop, that’s why I say it is OK. I’m not a doctor, but this is what I experienced.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this? Has your child, with enco, done this?

“I am just a girl” (a poem about what it’s like to be me, as a teen, with encopresis)

me in cupboard

This is a poem written about my personal life experiences with Encopresis. Although some of the words written in the poem didn’t actually happen, the emotion behind it is the same. To anyone to hasn’t gone through with this (and very lucky), this poem might seem strange but for me and others like me it’s life. It was a major part of my life, and reveals how I felt and thought. I’m claiming it. So enjoy, and read it from the heart.


I poo in my pants,

But I can’t help it y’know.

My body doesn’t tell me

When I need to go.

I might have just done it.

I could be dirty and smell.

But my nose tells me nothing

So I really don’t know.

At school they avoid me,

Around town as well.

‘Best stay away from that girl

Cos she stinks like hell.’

I hide soiled pants,

Stick them out of the way.

I’ll still get told off

But at least not today.

I did it at school

And I started to cry.

The class started laughing,

I just wanted to die.

The teacher moved me away

To a separate classroom.

‘You can stay on your own,

No one will sit next to you.’

Will a boy ever like me?

Will I ever find love?

A boy who won’t tease me,

For what my body does.

Why am I like this?

I’d rather be you:

Have friends and be happy,

And use the toilet to poo.

I’ve just done it again

Out shopping with Mum.

She’s angry and shows it;

She can smell what I’ve done.

She shouts in the street

So everybody can hear,

‘You smell like a sewer,

Can’t take you anywhere.’

‘You’re disgusting and lazy,

Why don’t you go to the loo?

No-one else poos their pants,

You’re fifteen, not two.’

‘I’m just so embarrassed

To have a daughter like you.’

She forgets I have feelings

And I hate it too.

I don’t choose to do it,

But that’s what they think.

That I must want messy pants

And I must want to stink.

I’m sat on the toilet,

It’s difficult to poo;

My tract is blocked up,

I’ve got stomach ache too.

I want to be normal,

I so want to live,

Go to sleepovers and parties

And have fun on school trips.

Why not ask me to visit?

We can talk, laugh and play.

Just say if I smell,

I’ll change straight away.

Let’s have a sleepover,

Your bed will be safe.

I’ll bring my spare pants,

Go on – it’ll be great!

Why can’t we be friends?

I’d like to know you.

I am a nice person

And I’m sure you are too.

You can’t catch what I’ve got,

You won’t get it as well.

So please, I’m not a monster,

I am just a girl.