A plane has crashed in Broome, tonight!

I saw a plane take off about 8:15pm ish tonight (11/07/2012), and we get a phone call about 8:30pm that has plane has crashed into the sea. There was an orchestra show on at the beach, and everyone there heard a strange noise and heard the crash. Far as I know, no one witnessed the actual crash. I have been at the beach for 2 hours and didn’t get home til near midnight. The plane hasn’t been found yet, but they’ll keep looking tomorrow. It was a young 22 year old pilot, in a twin engine freight plane. The beach was busy with snoopy onlookers (as they do in Broome) as was the Police and other emergency services. The Coastwatch plane was flying in a grid looking for the one that went down, up and down the coast, and there were boats in the water with their search lights on. Looking. After 10pm I saw a bright red flare off in the distance (not a flying flare but a hand held one), apparently it was a signal to the police force on the beach.

As the cars were leaving the beach the ambulance got bogged in the soft sand at the entrance to the car ramp (infront of the Surf Life Savers Club) twice!! That’s as far as I know. It was rather chilly at the beach. I saw an owl too. Goodness knows what will happen tomorrow and how the rest of the search will go, and what the “Broomers” are going to be (rumours in Broome). WOW!!

My heart goes out to the pilot and his family, the aircraft owners and the business owners at this time. xx

P.S. Found out today (next day, 12th July 2012), that the pilot has died and the plane crashed in the sand dunes..it never made it to the sea.