Is being suddenly cold a sign of the body “needing to go”?

Whilst reading a book about encopresis recommended by parents (“It’s no Accident” by Steve J. Hodges, M.D), it mentions the signs of children when they are withholding stools. However I haven’t come across anyone yet that has mentioned their child (nor encopresis survivors) that have had a sudden feeling of being cold when was actually a bodily sign of “to go”. It sounds confusing doesn’t it? Let me explain.

If you have been reading my blog so far then you will be familiar with me having Encopresis (faecal soiling) as a child/teenager. There have been several occasions where I’d be at home happily playing a game with my toys when I would unexpectedly feel cold. I would get goosebumps on my arms, my outie bellybutton would be hard (not soft like an innie now) and the body would tense up. It was a momentarily feeling, last for a few minutes at most, and a few seconds at least. Then move on and continue playing. I am wondering if that was one of the very few signals I ever received of my body needing to have a bowel movement. Understandably there are other more common symptoms that children show when they are withholding (I don’t know if I was withholding or not, as my colon was so enlarged I rarely felt it, but that’s another entry). If I did withhold it was never intentional nor did anyone connect it with Encopresis. I would like to add that this cold feeling isn’t connected to actually being cold or in a cold environment. My cold feeling are usually in my bedroom with just the fan on (I live in a hot tropical environment). I’ve never had the urge to go (either pee or poo) when in a cold environment.

It got me thinking.  This is my observation.  Have any of you readers noticed your child mention this? Have you noticed it yourself? Let me know, or you can e-mail me at: