You know you are an Encopresis child when…

Below are 10 different ways of knowing whether you are an Encopresis child or not. You know you are an Encopresis child when…

1. Certain people’s attitude stink more than you do.

2. You have more bullies than real friends.

3. Bedwetting is socially acceptable, but the opposite is considered socially taboo.

4. No one appears to understand and you feel so alone.

5. How you smell on the outside is not how you are as a person on the inside.

6. Punished for something out of your control is hard to forget.

7. Having a social life is hard to have when no one wants to be social with you.

8. Why me? I didn’t choose this, how is it my fault? Please love me.

9. You physically can’t feel/smell yourself and no one believes that as the truth.

10. You wish and dream that you’re normal, happy and people love you.

There are more but let me know what you think. 🙂