What I’ve been up to recently

Hello everyone,

How are you? What have you been up to recently? For the past few months, I’ve been involved in rehearsing and performing in 2 huge local productions onstage, working (it’s the busy season here for 6 months of the year, tourist season) and meetings about future projects.

The first show, performed in July, is called “Worn Art Revamped: Poppy – Child of the Lane”. This is the 2nd installment in a 3 show trilogy. It involves creating costumes out of literally anything (for example plastic bags/shopping carrier bags), circus performing, dancing and voice overs. Bellow are some photos (photography by Steve Cutts Photography):

Worn Art Revamped (2016): X-Girls (girl in Yellow wig = Bluey Louis)
Worn Art Revamped: Poppy - Child of the Lane (2016). Costume: 7 Celestial Sisters
Worn Art Revamped: Poppy – Child of the Lane (2016). Costume: 7 Celestial Sisters

The second show, recently performed in September, was the annual Sandfly Circus show (including a solo Aerial Lyra/Aerial Hoop routine). No photos uploaded at the time of writing this entry.

Now that the busy season is trickling down, it’s time to focus on the other areas including updating my blog and other projects.

What have you done recently? What’s inspired you the most?

Thank you for reading and enjoy the new week ahead.


Encopresis in Adults (even you aren’t alone in this)

I have recently received several e-mails from other Encopresis battlers whom are in their 20’s. Their identities are withheld, and I honour and respect their wishes. My heart goes out to each and every one of them and their families. Some are embarrassed to talk about it to others, understandably, and feel so alone.

A recent e-mail from a 20-something Encopresis-battler asked me about Encopresis and if it affects fertility or not. Whomever sent this (and you know who you are), you can be rest assured that as far as I know (and researched) Encopresis doesn’t negatively impact fertility because I know of someone who is also a 20-something Encopresis-battler and his girlfriend (that doesn’t have Encopresis) is pregnant!! I have also received e-mails/Facebook chats from parents whom have children with Encopresis but suffered similar incontinence problems as a youngster too. If I do find evidence of Encopresis affecting fertility (or Cancer) I will definitely let you know, my fellow readers.

The suggestions I have for parents whom have children with Encopresis are also useful things to consider if you are an adult with Encopresis. Drinking plenty of water (or Tea), daily probiotic, exercise regularly, check for any hidden dietary allergies (such as Gluten or dairy), have fibre in the diet, remain positive, don’t yell/punish (if you are the parent), have open and loving communication and never let Encopresis determine you or your life. Encopresis doesn’t last forever. Yes it may seem like it, and I too have often felt it to be a curse. Now I’m turning it into a blessing and helping you guys and everyone else I can about this condition (and the professionals too, if you wish to collaborate).

“Encopresis in adults” has been a common online search name, and with the recent e-mails I have received lately I thought it was something worth writing about today.

If you have any comments/feedback or suggestions, you are welcome to post your thoughts below, share my blog around or e-mail me: naturegirl015admin@themagicwithinus.com

Stay strong. YOU are NEVER alone with Encopresis. I am here for you all (and my love).

“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible!” – Dimity. T