A Facebook group for us (Encopresis survivors & battlers)

Ever since I have started my research on this condition, I haven’t found a single group dedicted for us with enco to communicate with. There are several forums, Facebook groups and blogs created by and for the parents to communicate and share experiences, but not one for us.

I have created a Closed Facebook group (closed so only members can read comments/add posts) where we can communicate and open up and share our experiences with encopresis. The link is here:


The group is called: “I’m an Encopresis survivor (or will be)”. If you have had Encopresis and are shy to talk openly to others about it, this is a group where only us can see. If you currently have encopresis then this is the group for you too. “You aren’t alone” is really important and by finding other members, we can create a community. To find at least 1 person that knows exactly what you are going through (or had) that you can communicate with openly means the whole world (feels like that to me anyway), and who knows how many more we can help in the process.

Please spread the word so others can join in the group. Take care and be strong. xx