Why do some people have Encopresis and others do not?

Hello to all my readers out there. Did you have a wonderful start to the New Year ahead? I thought I would start my blog off this year with a recurring thought I had about my encopresis journey.

Here is my question to you: If we’re built the same (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 torso, etc..I’m talking generally), how come some people have encopresis and others do not?

What I have been wondering (and still do) is there are people like me that has suffered from Encopresis with the soiling underwear, constipation, enlarged colon, etc; and the other majority of people that have similiar experiences (constipation, the occasional use of a laxative to name a few) do not soil or have enco. Does that make sense in how I worded it?

I understand doctors advising to clear out the system and try and make the faecal matter soft enough to be able to be excreted without pain (and other recommendations), however as an encopresis survivor I feel (and this is my personal opinion) that we are treating the systems of enco, not the cause. When you have encopresis the stool is generally hard, so how come no matter how much water we drink we still have hard and painful stools? Other people can drink water and have normal soft stools, and yet when you suffer from enco this doesn’t work. Are doctors and specialists researching this particular scenario? (if they are I haven’t found any reseaech yet).

I have found a doctor in Australia that specialises in the “button” sugery for children with enco (to be honest I’m not sure myself how it works, and am grateful that I didn’t go through that surgery), and has had success with his patients. I wonder that if there is a surgery that can “treat” the condition, why can’t they work out from there what is actually causing it?

Neither of my parents (or anyone in my entire family history) has had encopresis, but I’m the only one that I’m aware of that has had it. No one else. A family history of constipation or a “spasdic colon” (where the muscles in the sphincter aren’t pushing the stool along as it regularly should is at a much slower rate) can contribute to encopresis, so why am I different?

There a small number of us that have currently (or had encopresis) compared to the majority of the population that live normal lives without soiling. I’m not sure what statistically the ratio is, but I’m sure you’re aware that there is a noticeable difference. Perhaps more research needs to be done to study children with a normal functioning bowel system and children with enco of the same age, and literally play “spot the difference”. What is it in them that works, that in us doesn’t?

If you have any thoughts you wish to share on this topic then feel free to comment them here. I hope I haven’t sounded going round in circles with this thought.

Tell me…..what do you think?

My flight on the Concorde

Today (still New Years Eve here), my family and I travelled out of London on a train to go and see an aircraft/racing car museum. The highlight was the simulated flight onboard an actual Concorde jet. My dad used to work in the manufacturing for British Airways on them but never got to go inside it.

I found the cockpit to be quite big when other larger aircraft have a smaller one in comparison. It was very cold and raining outside. I could feel the motions when the simulated flight was on, feeling as if I’m actually flying at almost 60,000 feet cruising height and breaking the Sound Barrier twice. I did also see the actual Concorde Simulator that was used to train the pilots to fly it, and the simulation had a Concorde taking off and landing. I coudn’t see the nose rise and fall through the screen of the simulation but it was very cool to watch.

Not long now it will be New Year here in London. Take care all my readers (and keep posting your comments as I’m very interested in hearing from you), and have a wonderful new year ahead.

Merry Christmas from Zurich

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends & family. I certainly did. I had a wondeful “White Christmas” out in the snow with my family (summer back home in December, hot and humid). Met some great people here too and had a few laughs along the way.

Off to London tomorrow for New Year, then back to Aus. Keep safe, keep reading and let me know if you have any questions about Encopresis or something else.

How did you spend your Christmas? Xx

“I am just a girl” (a poem about what it’s like to be me, as a teen, with encopresis)

me in cupboard

This is a poem written about my personal life experiences with Encopresis. Although some of the words written in the poem didn’t actually happen, the emotion behind it is the same. To anyone to hasn’t gone through with this (and very lucky), this poem might seem strange but for me and others like me it’s life. It was a major part of my life, and reveals how I felt and thought. I’m claiming it. So enjoy, and read it from the heart.


I poo in my pants,

But I can’t help it y’know.

My body doesn’t tell me

When I need to go.

I might have just done it.

I could be dirty and smell.

But my nose tells me nothing

So I really don’t know.

At school they avoid me,

Around town as well.

‘Best stay away from that girl

Cos she stinks like hell.’

I hide soiled pants,

Stick them out of the way.

I’ll still get told off

But at least not today.

I did it at school

And I started to cry.

The class started laughing,

I just wanted to die.

The teacher moved me away

To a separate classroom.

‘You can stay on your own,

No one will sit next to you.’

Will a boy ever like me?

Will I ever find love?

A boy who won’t tease me,

For what my body does.

Why am I like this?

I’d rather be you:

Have friends and be happy,

And use the toilet to poo.

I’ve just done it again

Out shopping with Mum.

She’s angry and shows it;

She can smell what I’ve done.

She shouts in the street

So everybody can hear,

‘You smell like a sewer,

Can’t take you anywhere.’

‘You’re disgusting and lazy,

Why don’t you go to the loo?

No-one else poos their pants,

You’re fifteen, not two.’

‘I’m just so embarrassed

To have a daughter like you.’

She forgets I have feelings

And I hate it too.

I don’t choose to do it,

But that’s what they think.

That I must want messy pants

And I must want to stink.

I’m sat on the toilet,

It’s difficult to poo;

My tract is blocked up,

I’ve got stomach ache too.

I want to be normal,

I so want to live,

Go to sleepovers and parties

And have fun on school trips.

Why not ask me to visit?

We can talk, laugh and play.

Just say if I smell,

I’ll change straight away.

Let’s have a sleepover,

Your bed will be safe.

I’ll bring my spare pants,

Go on – it’ll be great!

Why can’t we be friends?

I’d like to know you.

I am a nice person

And I’m sure you are too.

You can’t catch what I’ve got,

You won’t get it as well.

So please, I’m not a monster,

I am just a girl.