The magic within us

If you haven’t noticed already, there have been some changes implemented to my blog. The first one is it now has it’s own domain name (although will take you here), it’s URL is now: . Some other changes are a background and a few other things (new improvements to come).

Although I had other ideas of names for the domain, including “iamfreetobeme” and “uniquelyyou”, they were already registered by other users. I love magic (especially illusion magic), and even with encopresis you can still find that “magical something” that makes us truely unique. Whether it’s a quirk, a gift or talent, to each of us there is a magic…what type of magic it is is up to you to find. Also “themagicwithinus” is gender neutral, at least I think so. One of my dreams as a child (and still is to this day) is to be an Illusionist‘s assistant.

Welcome to my blog for 2013. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing it as much as I do in writing it. When I have other noticable updates (including the ability to e-mail me via this blog), then I will make it known to you. Enjoy, keep safe, never give up on your dreams and stay true to yourself.