Help Encopresis survivor, Dimity, to get onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hello to all my readers out there. Happy Valentine’s Day (or “Singles Day” for those that are single). For those of you that are aware of this, one of my biggest dreams as an Encopresis survivor is to share my story and help those of you with it. When I was suffering in silence with Encopresis, I always wanted to find another person whom has it. Throughout all my years of it, I never saw a single person (apart from the guy whom is like a brother to me) or celebrity open up about it. No role model to look up to, no one that I could relate with. I don’t want anyone else with Encopresis to suffer in silence. I am here for you all.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show inspires so many people (including myself) to do great things and help others. Some of her guests on the show have inspired me and hearing their stories brings a smile to my heart (especially when Ellen works her magic). Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, both on there and e-mailing means so much to me. Here is a previous article about inspirational stories:

I have recently created a Facebook page called “Help Encopresis survivor, Dimity, to get onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Please help me to help you. With your support of LIKE-ing the Facebook page, and sharing it around, the more word together we can spread about Encopresis. The Ellen DeGeneres Show touches the lives of millions of people around the world, it only takes one person to make a difference. “Be the person you wish to see”. Please. Help me. Imagine how many Encopresis suffers are watching the show, wishing someone on there that they can actually see and communicate with, and is able to actually watch the show and know someone that is. I’m an Encopresis survivor. I know how embarrassing it is to have this condition, and feel the sting of being bullied and treated as a loner. I also know how amazing it feels to be able to connect with another Encopresis survivor. YOU are not alone anymore!! Ellen DeGeneres inspires millions, touching their hearts. With your support, we can inspire many more.

The link to the Facebook page is here:

You can always e-mail me:

Or if you really want to, you can use the online application form for The Ellen DeGeneres Show directly (please include my blog link and Facebook page):

For those that want to write a physical Fan Mail letter to the show, and this campaign, the address is here:


The Ellen DeGeneres Show
PO Box 7788
Burbank, CA 91522
ATTN: Fan Mail

United States of America

Have the most amazing weekend everyone. Thank you for reading. Please help spread the word and share it. Feel free to comment and say hi or share your story. Take care and thank you everyone.


P.S. Always “Be Kind to one another” (~ Ellen DeGeneres)

Happy Australia Day (and Happy Birthday Ellen Degeneres)

English: The Ellen DeGeneres Show logo
Happy Birthday Ellen

Today is Australia Day, a public holiday to mark the day that Australia was colonised by the Brittish Settlers (and convicts). Early this morning (near midnight) we found a baby King Brown snake inside the house. My cat, Nyssa (whom also has her birthday on this day) found the snake and brought it to my attention. Fortunately the snake has been taken care of, no other snakes have been found and everyone is safe.

I wish to say a huge Happy Birthday to the wonderful Ellen Degeneres. I hope she has a wonderfully joyous and fun show and birthday, I know I would if I was there. The whole of Australia celebrates this day in their own unique way from watching fireworks, day/night out with family & friends (and you could say that we’re celebrating Ellen’s birthday too). Good timing to have a birthday, announce coming to Australia and Australia have a pubic holiday and fun on the same day.

However you choose to celebrate this day I wish you all the fun and happiness. Happy Australia Day and Happy Birthday Ellen!!


What is Wetopia you might ask? Wetopia is a free game on Facebook that allows you to share Joy with other people and charities around the world. YOU get to pick who you want to give your Joy to. Ellen Degeneres got me into it when she mentioned it on her show in April this year (2012), and on her Facebook page Wetopia is described as:

“It’s a free game that you can play with your friends on Facebook to earn Joy that you can then use to donate to actual charities in the real world!”


You don’t get e-mail spam or anything like that while playing this game. It is so much fun. Ellen can be your neighbour too!! If you want to make a difference in the world while sitting at home, Wetopia is the game for you. 🙂

Let me know if you play, and share your thoughts on it.