Guest Blogger: IMPRESS (Incontinence Management and PRevention through Engineering and ScienceS)

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How are you? Today is my first ever Guest Blog post. Thank you to the team at IMPRESS (Incontinence Management and PRevention through Engineering and ScienceS) for all your hard work and dedication with #Incontinence research, and I look forward to collaborating with you more in the future. Here is what they’re all about and where you can find out more information.

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IMPRESS (Incontinence Management and PRevention through Engineering and ScienceS) is a UK research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). We are based in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds and co-ordinate IMPRESS in collaboration with the Applied Biomedical Engineering Group at University College London.

Our aim is to bring about a radical change in the research and development activities in incontinence technologies.

Why are we doing this?

Firstly because incontinence impacts significantly on quality of life for thousands of patients and it places a massive burden on the UK National Health Service (NHS). Secondly because where many areas of medical engineering share a growth in the engagement of research engineers and scientists to push forward the exploitation of emerging technologies, incontinence receives little attention within this sector and consequently current technological interventions remain limited in their function and effectiveness.

How are we doing this?

Since IMPRESS began in 2014 we have been facilitating the education of 20 Incontinence Technology Advocates, researchers chosen from the engineering and science community, about the current clinical challenges faced in treating and managing incontinence. We are using their knowledge and interactions to create a Self-Sustaining Network of patients, healthcare providers and engineering and science experts that will stimulate collaborations towards novel technological solutions for incontinence. To feed these new collaborations we have funded a first round of five pilot projects whose concepts encompass both urinary and faecal incontinence and may ultimately lead to a next generation of treatments and management products for this condition.

Where are we going next?

IMPRESS recently received further funding to continue its work until 2018 with a substantial budget to support more pilot projects, to develop selected projects into early-stage research work and to fund an IMPRESS Research fellow.

Results from our FI Workshop

In February 2016 IMPRESS ran a faecal incontinence workshop which focussed on ‘Technologies for Incontinence: What can we do better?’ Our delegates were a mixed audience of healthcare professionals, academics, patients, carers and industry representatives and we asked them to bring their personal experience and expertise to discuss this topic to help identify areas where we should focus future research. Four basic themes emerged.

PEOPLE who could benefit from new technology

Children, young adults and those with physical impairments are not well catered for. Many products don’t consider the complexities of designing for children and there are few options for those with limited dexterity or spinal cord injuries.

TECHNOLOGY how it influences people’s quality of life

It has the ability to empower, to address stigma and taboo with discreet solutions, and it has the potential to make assessment, treatment and management methods less invasive.

PRODUCTS where technology could be improved

Many products have seen little innovation for decades and issues such as skin irritation, smells and leaks are still a significant factor for patients.

POTENTIAL area for new technologies

It’s clear that much could be done to incrementally improve existing products through improvement in materials, applying smart systems that could sense, monitor and feedback, and by developing data collection tools that can assist patients and inform healthcare professionals.


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A plane has crashed in Broome, tonight!

I saw a plane take off about 8:15pm ish tonight (11/07/2012), and we get a phone call about 8:30pm that has plane has crashed into the sea. There was an orchestra show on at the beach, and everyone there heard a strange noise and heard the crash. Far as I know, no one witnessed the actual crash. I have been at the beach for 2 hours and didn’t get home til near midnight. The plane hasn’t been found yet, but they’ll keep looking tomorrow. It was a young 22 year old pilot, in a twin engine freight plane. The beach was busy with snoopy onlookers (as they do in Broome) as was the Police and other emergency services. The Coastwatch plane was flying in a grid looking for the one that went down, up and down the coast, and there were boats in the water with their search lights on. Looking. After 10pm I saw a bright red flare off in the distance (not a flying flare but a hand held one), apparently it was a signal to the police force on the beach.

As the cars were leaving the beach the ambulance got bogged in the soft sand at the entrance to the car ramp (infront of the Surf Life Savers Club) twice!! That’s as far as I know. It was rather chilly at the beach. I saw an owl too. Goodness knows what will happen tomorrow and how the rest of the search will go, and what the “Broomers” are going to be (rumours in Broome). WOW!!

My heart goes out to the pilot and his family, the aircraft owners and the business owners at this time. xx

P.S. Found out today (next day, 12th July 2012), that the pilot has died and the plane crashed in the sand never made it to the sea.

Miranda Kerr and family in Broome, NOW!!

I found out a few minutes ago that Miranda Kerr and her family (husband and baby) are in Broome at the moment. She’s here doing photo shoots for David Jones, and has been to some of the beautiful beaches here. I thought that I would also use this entry to mention some of the other International celebrities that have visited Broome and are able to remain incognito. You don’t get groups of fans or paparazzi in Broome, and many celebs walk in the street and are literally left alone. We do get national celebs here too. Trust me when I say that a surprise ambush will stay as one until it reveals itself. This town is that relaxed when celebrities come to town. Below are a list of some of the international celebrities that have visited Broome over the years (and recently):

And plenty more. Jeannie Mai….you’d love it here!!

Magda did a flight with us, King Leopold Air, in Broome. Lucky to get a photo with her and drive her to her accommodation.