My Doctor Who Jingle Bells twist

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the magic of Christmas. I thought I would share with you all my version of the traditional “Jingle Bells” Christmas carol with a Doctor Who twist. This is an original and was written in November 2007. Although I do not own the copyright to BBC Doctor Who nor to Jingle Bells, the lyrics of this particular version is MY copyright. Enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you think (it has been suggested that I sing it and make a video of it, thoughts??) 🙂

My “Jingle Bells” DOCTOR WHO twist (November 2007)
By Dimity

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he will always save the day, yay!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is here to stay.
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he will always find a way.

First Verse:
When the Universe is in trouble, anytime and anywhere,
Then you will know, the Doctor will be there.
You can always count on him, to do the right thing,
There’s no doubt that he’ll figure it out as we all happily sing……..

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
Exter-minate, Regen-erate and
De-letion too, hey!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
The stars are bright, as they glisten in the night,
And there is always Time to play.

Second Verse:
If there’s something you should know,
Then come and listen to me.
When you believe in the Doctor,
You can do Anything.

Now know that this is true,
Doctor I believe in you,
Whenever there’s trouble, I’ll be there on the double,
As you can always count on me.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way,
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he’ll always save the day, yay!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is here to stay,
Never fear when the Doctor’s near,
As he won’t be far away!

“It’s a power struggle” (- quote from Dr Phil)

Today (here) I have just watched something gut wrenching on the Dr Phil show. In an episode called “Biggest Mistakes you don’t know you’re making” (original broadcast date 11/24/09), there was a family whom have a son with Encopresis. Ironically I get a season in Australia that’s 3 years old, but I’m lucky I saw this one.

The boy (at time of broadcast) is pre-school age (3 years old I think) poops in his pants. Dr Phil commented that it’s a “power struggle” with the boy winning, and that comment has really upset me. If you have been reading my blog so far (thank you if you have) then you’ll know by now that I am an Encopresis survivor. Something that Dr Phil never mentioned in this particular episode is that their son (the parents on the show) has this medical condition. Dr Phil admits he doesn’t know much about it (even though he has had a previous family on the show with Encopresis, and mentioned it, in 2007). Dr Phil never had enco, nor Robin and neither has his own sons had it. The more I hear stories like this the more inspired and dedicated I am to complete my manuscript and get it published.

I wanted to so much to hug the boy and tell him he’s ok. Ironically Dr Phil hasn’t interviewed in the episode mentioned any survivors (such as myself) for opinions/thoughts/advice nor any “experts”. I can’t let these children suffer because of the myths and misconceptions. I’m understanding how hard it is for the parents in this situation, but I feel it more to how the children/teens/adults feel whom have (or have had) this condition. I have just measured my blood pressure and pulse, both are high (pulse measured at 75). I’ve also been crying my heart out.

If Dr Phil genuinely thinks this is a “power struggle” does that mean that what I have been through (punishing, yelled in public, no friends, no social life, bullied/stabbed/work stolen/things thrown at me, etc), is that meant to be intentional?? If the medical aspect has been looked at (for example chronic constipation or spasdic colon) then perhaps there may be something else involved (especially after talking to some of the parents on Facebook). However NOT every Encopresis child has a power struggle and Dr Phil didn’t acknowledge that. Something that is correct that Dr Phil says in the story is this:

“You’ve got to make sure that he knows that you love him unconditionally, so don’t withhold love and support.”

 Definitely keep this in mind and heart, my dear readers. Let me know what you think.

Here is the link to the website with the story:

For those interested here is the  link to the only other previous story on the Dr Phil show about Encopresis (I haven’t seen this episode myself. Dr Phil does seem more forgiving in this story and the comments from the public aren’t. However what he said in this link, he didn’t say to the story mentioned above that this post focuses on):

I have to help and I’m here to help. I’m willing to do anything and everything I have to for these families. My book is written from a survivor…an Encopresis survivor. xx