Merry Christmas from Zurich

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with friends & family. I certainly did. I had a wondeful “White Christmas” out in the snow with my family (summer back home in December, hot and humid). Met some great people here too and had a few laughs along the way.

Off to London tomorrow for New Year, then back to Aus. Keep safe, keep reading and let me know if you have any questions about Encopresis or something else.

How did you spend your Christmas? Xx

My adventure on Christmas Island

I appologise that I haven’t written on here in a bit, I’ve been away on holidays. I went to Christmas Island (a small island on the west coast of Western Australia). It’s just over 300 miles away making it closer to Indonesia than Australia (even though it’s a part of Aus). It feels weird to put on the Immigration card (yes had to travel International) that I’m leaving Australia to have a holiday in Australia. Strange I know.

Christmas Island is very beautiful, very rocky and full of dense jungle/forest and lots & lots of crabs. Red Crabs (due very soon to do their annual migration to the sea for mating, spawning and many die), Blue Crabs and the Robber Crabs (sometimes known as Coconut Crabs). Christmas Island is also a common entrance for the Asylum Seekers from places like Shri Lanka, Indonesia and Pakistan. The last time I was at Christmas Island I was approx. 5 years old. This time I stayed at the Christmas Island Resort (and they were expensive too), but unfortunately it’s very run down and many of the rooms wouldn’t be suitable (also isn’t safe/hygenic) for tourists in its current state. The restraurant is great though. I did manage to find a more suitable accomodation on the last night I was there (stayed a week it total).

I re-explored the island visiting places including The Grotto, Lilly Beach, The Blowholes, snorkeling and exploring a cave. Definitely an adventure to get into and through the cave. I also visited the town (bigger than what it was before), went to the outdoor movies (all open air, different to the Sun Pictures in Broome), and went to the overlook of the detention centre (very big).

Did have some drama while there on the island, which did put a damper on my experience this time. Something I did notice on my holiday (and relevant to enco if anyone is reading), normally at home I take a probiotic everyday…on holidays I didn’t. At home I’m able to poop regularly (which is great for an enco-survivor), and away it was once every 3 days (too much detail…maybe, but this is a blog about encopresis and an inspiration for other survivors/battlers out there). In my opinion probiotics are definitely helpful to get the body on track and help with the pooping process. đŸ™‚

Am back home now, inspired to work on some things…and off to circus training. Keep safe my readers, and have a great weekend.

My first time overseas

When I was 13 years old, I travelled with the school to Kuala Lumpur for 2 weeks, in July 2000. At the time I didn’t know about International roaming on my phone, get foreign currency, etc (fortunately my parents did). There were about 60 of us in total (consisting of the students, teachers and some parents). We performed at 2 schools (band, dancing and some of us did the intoductions in Indonesian) and 2 theme parks. Thanks to encopresis, I wasn’t accepted into any of the groups when first signing up to which rooms we were staying at in the hotel. The group I did join (of 3 other girls) didn’t like me and one was vocal about not wanting me in it. Interestingly enough I don’t actually remember having enco (soiling) while I was away..if I did no one noticed or was so small I could wash it and no one knew. Strange, considering I still had enco at the time. I was one of the lucky people that got to do the introductions in Indonesian (which is similiar to Malay).

This was the only time I ever travelled International out of my own town (mainly because they don’t do it, although have the facilities to do so), and I travelled on Ansett Airlines (sadly is no longer in existance). I did learn a few things while away. I learnt I am resourceful in strange country by myself (and independent), to wear the backpack on your chest to avoid being pick-pocketed from behind, how to exchange foreign currency, you’re safer travelling in a group (especially if the other people remember you’re there)….and other things.

One time while I was having breakfast at the hotel, I heard the emergency fire alarms go off. Turns out one of the boys had a shower and the steam had set the sprinklers off, and their stuff got wet. So that was fun.

The trip was definitely worth it, and I’m glad I did it. I have travelled the world heaps since then and there are places I would love to visit again and some I want to explore. For this experience enco wasn’t an issue, but I was still ostracised by my peers, wasn’t given money from one of the bullies when I was entitled to (the same one that was vocal about not wanting me to stay in the room). I’ve grown, and more confident and moved on. Was great fun overall though. đŸ™‚

Miranda Kerr and family in Broome, NOW!!

I found out a few minutes ago that Miranda Kerr and her family (husband and baby) are in Broome at the moment. She’s here doing photo shoots for David Jones, and has been to some of the beautiful beaches here. I thought that I would also use this entry to mention some of the other International celebrities that have visited Broome and are able to remain incognito. You don’t get groups of fans or paparazzi in Broome, and many celebs walk in the street and are literally left alone. We do get national celebs here too. Trust me when I say that a surprise ambush will stay as one until it reveals itself. This town is that relaxed when celebrities come to town. Below are a list of some of the international celebrities that have visited Broome over the years (and recently):

And plenty more. Jeannie Mai….you’d love it here!!

Magda did a flight with us, King Leopold Air, in Broome. Lucky to get a photo with her and drive her to her accommodation.