Encopresis and beyond (4 Questions asked)

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I was asked recently via e-mail from a parent, about my experiences with Encopresis with a different angle. Below are the questions, and after that will be my responses to them. I hope it helps you all, for those that need it, and feel free to post your thoughts to them or e-mail me: naturegirl015admin@themagicwithinus.com

1. At what age did your parents decide to let you take responsibility for managing your Encopresis on your own?

As a young child and more importantly as a teenager, I was given a plastic bag with a spare change of underwear (and can use the bag to put the soiled underwear in until home). However one spare change isn’t enough when that gets soiled literally as soon as it’s on (smell always lingered). After being constantly bullied when at the school bathrooms, I wouldn’t go in them during school hours unless absolutely necessary (ask your son/daughter about this), and never felt comfortable in there. My stools are very large (thanks to having Encopresis), that they have been known to block the toilet. Blocking the toilet in a public place is very embarrassing and highly increases low self esteem and very self conscious to the point of avoiding it. As a teenager (13 years old), I was old to put my dirty underwear in a bucket of Napisan (stain remover, in the laundry) to soak, which I would do. However when the underwear had the skid-mark type hard stools (and worse), then was yelled at and made to scrub it. This constantly made me cry my heart out to empty ears and very angry & disappointed with myself (as was everyone else). Admittedly and ashamedly this also led me to throw my underwear in the bin in secret to avoid the pain of going through it all, and survive and be a “normal” person. I was later found out (obviously had less underwear in the laundry), but it didn’t stop Encopresis or the emotional pain. Having the spare underwear handy is good and discreet at the time (not so discreet when people can smell it, except me). I wasn’t ever officially diagnosed nor had any X-rays/scans that are available now. I was also given a daily stool softener, Paraffin Oil (before dinner, and water after). It tasted yummy and makes me happy to think about it (it did from time to time give me Diarrhea or leave a oily residue). Did it make a difference? Honestly and in my personal experience, I definitely say YES! My bedroom was extended at age 15, when we did home renovations, and I was given my personal ensuite (and TV in my room), this also made all the difference…and the year I noticed my Encopresis had stopped.

2. Were you able to stop withholding cold turkey or did you still withhold and have the occasional accidents?

See above about personal ensuite/TV installed. I wouldn’t say that I “stopped withholding cold turkey” because I didn’t know that this was happening. No one, not even my parents, mentioned my clean underwear for a significant period of time. No one noticed, not even me. It was an advert on TV or a story or something I heard that when I thought about it was like, “Oh I stopped soiling…cool”, and then continued living.

3. Did you have an epiphany moment when you decided to change? What was that moment and what triggered it?

As mentioned previously.

4. Do you consider yourself to be completely free of Encopresis or do you, as an adult, still catch yourself withholding and take appropriate actions to avoid getting backed up?

Yes I do consider myself Encopresis-free..I’ve referred to myself as an “Encopresis Survivor”, and proud of it to admit it. If you or someone you know is Encopresis-free, then you’re an Encopresis survivor too. Keep in mind I will never say that I am in remission, of Enco (might explain this in another post). Admittedly I can’t pee/poop “on demand”, and this also means that I have difficulties to go successfully (go and not “get the urge but can’t physically go Now”) on the toilet on long haul flights. Sometimes I will get the pain in my abdomen for a few days (after long travel), but this eventually disappears after appropriate action has been initiated. I do continue to have large stools, although go more regularly (doesn’t have to be daily…it’s normal for me to NOT do a “number 2” daily). I prefer to poop at home/hotel.

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Doctor Who and the 12 Apostles

A big hello to all my readers out there,

How are you? For those that are experiencing Encopresis, how are you all going there? I’ve recently returned home from my holiday in Melbourne.  The main reason for my trip was to attend the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular (thank you so much BBC). It was the first time I had ever attended one of those concerts, and it is definitely something I will do again in the future (including the BBC Proms). The whole atmosphere from watching the fans dress up in their favourite characters (including a child Dalek, a few TARDIS dresses and several Doctors), the cardboard cut outs, the few actual monsters on display…and the show itself at the venue.  For me it was an amazing experience. If the cut out of the Dalek is to scale, then it’s confirmed that the Daleks are taller than me. It is one thing to watch the Daleks on TV, but the whole atmosphere is different once they actually come on stage…very very cool. Peter Davison (5th Doctor) was hosting the concert this year, and it was wonderful to see Ben Foster in the flesh too. So many happy memories. I’m definitely heading in the right direction.

Another part of my adventure was going on a drive out of Melbourne, along the Australian coast, and see the 12 Apostles landmark (something I had always wanted to see). They really do look like what they do in the photos, but you don’t get the scale of how huge they are until you see them for real (a definite recommendation if you ever get the opportunity to visit the area). I couldn’t believe how many tourists were there too, it made me feel like I was the foreigner to this beautiful country.

Something else that happened. I took up the opportunity to have a go on a Flight Training Simulator (a proper simulator used for training pilots in the different areas required for the industry). Although I haven’t been professionally taught flying, the Instructor referred to me as a “Dark Horse” (this is good), and offered to give me my first flying lesson. I’m excited. If I can fly a plane, anyone in the Encopresis family (including battlers and fellow survivors) can do anything!

Now I am home, refreshed and excited for what may lay ahead this year for me. Big ideas. Take care everyone. Tell me, what plans or goals do you have for the year ahead?

A Short Post

Hey to all my readers out there,

How are you doing? Anything exciting happened? Looking forward to anything in the week ahead?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged recently. I’ve been away overseas to America for the filming (and acting) with Dean Cain on the movie “A Horse for Summer”. I shall blog about my adventure in another post. I came home for 5 days and then left again to go onto another overseas trip to Papua New Guinea. I just returned home last night. Overseas (and especially when on a cruise ship), I find that I struggle to maintain a strong Internet connection. I have noticed that a weak connection (and sometimes wireless) make it harder to get a blog post entered. It’s much easier (and preferred) to wait until home and blog to my heart’s content.

I haven’t forgotten you all, don’t worry. Feel free to e-mail me: naturegirl015admin@themagicwithinus.com or use any of my other contact links if you wish to contact me confidentially. Don’t be afraid to post your comments on my blog. Sharing your thoughts and stories help to connect people, especially in the Encopresis family.

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Encopresis survivor on tour – thoughts?

It has been suggested that I go on tour and share my experiences with others, publically. I didn’t realise how much Encopresis affects so many lives (both directly and indirectly) until I began my journey and this blog. For those that aren’t aware, I have come into contact with families (parents, survivors and battlers) from all over the world including Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, the UK, India and many more (feel free to share where you’re from). If I travelled around (perhaps as a part of my book launch), tell me…who would be interested in this?

Understandably there are many (and I do mean many) of families that are embarrassed about Encopresis or don’t want anyone to know what’s happening in your personal lives. As a Encopresis survivor I too understand how much it means the world to communicate, meet and connect with others that truly know what Encopresis is like. You aren’t alone if you’re afraid of how society handles it and yet dream of not being alone. A social get-together or a big event, school chats, connecting with professionals and Ellen DeGeneres. “Be the person you wish to see” is what I’m talking about here. When I had Encopresis I wished with all my heart to find someone else that admits to doing what I did…and it’s a rarity to find someone willing to share their experiences publically. If going on tour (or book launch) can be of some help to you and your life, please let me know, whether you post your thoughts here on e-mail: naturegirl015admin@themagicwithinus.com

You can count on me. I’m willing to chat to whomever I can to help. To turn Encopresis from a curse to a blessing isn’t easy, and I’m here to help you along the way. What are you thoughts on this? Would you go to one if you knew? Has anyone else done this before (specifically a survivor)?

Have an amazing weekend ahead everyone and thank you for reading. Take care,


“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible”

The companions that travel

Something I have noticed recently in the Doctor Who universe are the companions of the Doctor (specifically the actresses that act as them) have a cameo appearance in the season before.

For example, in Season 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, a member of the Torchwood team was Adeola Oshodi (played by Freeman Agyeman). Freema, whom joined the TARDIS team as Martha Jones in Season 3. However in Season 3, there wasn’t any new companions appearing then.

In Season 4 when Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) and the Doctor went to visit Pompeii, a mysterious Soothsayer was watching them. Karen Gillan (the Soothasayer mentioned) was Amy Pond, the Doctor’s last companion in Seasons 5,6 &7.

Can you guess who the next one is?? 🙂

My flight on the Concorde

Today (still New Years Eve here), my family and I travelled out of London on a train to go and see an aircraft/racing car museum. The highlight was the simulated flight onboard an actual Concorde jet. My dad used to work in the manufacturing for British Airways on them but never got to go inside it.

I found the cockpit to be quite big when other larger aircraft have a smaller one in comparison. It was very cold and raining outside. I could feel the motions when the simulated flight was on, feeling as if I’m actually flying at almost 60,000 feet cruising height and breaking the Sound Barrier twice. I did also see the actual Concorde Simulator that was used to train the pilots to fly it, and the simulation had a Concorde taking off and landing. I coudn’t see the nose rise and fall through the screen of the simulation but it was very cool to watch.

Not long now it will be New Year here in London. Take care all my readers (and keep posting your comments as I’m very interested in hearing from you), and have a wonderful new year ahead.

Happy New Year from London (and me)

Shortly I’ll be off on my journey to London with family for New Years Eve, and exploring the wonderful city. I haven’t had a proper look before of London and I’m really excited to be doing it.

I thought I would write this quick entry to all my fellow readers (and posters), to wish you all a wonderful and safe NYE and a productive year ahead in 2013. I have ideas of what I’m going to do and I’ll keep you all posted.

I’ll post more about my previous experiences with Encopresis and the things I have learnt along the way. If you have any questions or suggestions about anything you want me to talk about then feel free to post your thoughts. Feel free to share my blog around too, the more people it can reach the better it will be for the lives of others.

You are all in my thoughts and heart. Xx