Being creative

Hi to all my readers out there,

How are you? What have you been up to? How’s your Encopresis going? During this weekend I’ve been busy writing my book, planning a few things and designing some T-Shirts with positive messages (and Encopresis related ones too). At the moment I have only ordered one (will include a photo on the Facebook page: ). I will be holding a promotional Give Away event as well, keep an eye out for it (and a later option to purchase them if you so wish).

In early April I have a full on physical circus week, with Ruth Battle coming to town to teach some extra aerial/hula hoop lessons. Combining the extra classes with regular circus training and gym training with a personal trainer…you get the idea. Soon I’ll have the script to rehearse with, for my role in a TV series, called “THE SPARROWS”. Will keep you posted on that development when the time comes. Planning and working on a YouTube video for Encopresis awareness (especially as an Encopresis survivor).

What have you all been doing this weekend? Take care. Stay strong. YOU are not alone anymore.


Doctor Who and the 12 Apostles

A big hello to all my readers out there,

How are you? For those that are experiencing Encopresis, how are you all going there? I’ve recently returned home from my holiday in Melbourne.  The main reason for my trip was to attend the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular (thank you so much BBC). It was the first time I had ever attended one of those concerts, and it is definitely something I will do again in the future (including the BBC Proms). The whole atmosphere from watching the fans dress up in their favourite characters (including a child Dalek, a few TARDIS dresses and several Doctors), the cardboard cut outs, the few actual monsters on display…and the show itself at the venue.  For me it was an amazing experience. If the cut out of the Dalek is to scale, then it’s confirmed that the Daleks are taller than me. It is one thing to watch the Daleks on TV, but the whole atmosphere is different once they actually come on stage…very very cool. Peter Davison (5th Doctor) was hosting the concert this year, and it was wonderful to see Ben Foster in the flesh too. So many happy memories. I’m definitely heading in the right direction.

Another part of my adventure was going on a drive out of Melbourne, along the Australian coast, and see the 12 Apostles landmark (something I had always wanted to see). They really do look like what they do in the photos, but you don’t get the scale of how huge they are until you see them for real (a definite recommendation if you ever get the opportunity to visit the area). I couldn’t believe how many tourists were there too, it made me feel like I was the foreigner to this beautiful country.

Something else that happened. I took up the opportunity to have a go on a Flight Training Simulator (a proper simulator used for training pilots in the different areas required for the industry). Although I haven’t been professionally taught flying, the Instructor referred to me as a “Dark Horse” (this is good), and offered to give me my first flying lesson. I’m excited. If I can fly a plane, anyone in the Encopresis family (including battlers and fellow survivors) can do anything!

Now I am home, refreshed and excited for what may lay ahead this year for me. Big ideas. Take care everyone. Tell me, what plans or goals do you have for the year ahead?

Welcome to the new year of 2014

Hey to all my readers out there,

How are you? I hope you had a wonderful start to 2014. I apologise that I hadn’t posted on my blog recently, as I was away on holidays in Whistler (Canada) and unable to secure a stable internet connection.

What are your plans for this year? Any you wish to share? For those that are interested, I have registered with an acting master class workshop with Bobby Galinsky (, thanks to Screen Actors Australia – Werribee ( Something that I am very much looking forward to attending. Also I will be watching the Doctor Who Symphony Orchestra, in Melbourne. Very exciting. As well as my circus training/performing, I have the opportunity to act in another movie in America as well as the premier of “A Horse for Summer”.

My book and blog (as well as a few other Encopresis projects) haven’t been forgotten, so don’t worry about that I can’t wait to volunteer again at Feed the Little Children organisation ( I have big plans for this year. What are yours?

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Have a happy & prosperous year ahead everyone. If there’s a particular product/book you want me to review, or suggestions for prizes to win (yes will be having competitions this year), please share your ideas. You are not alone anymore. I am here for you. Take care,


A Short Post

Hey to all my readers out there,

How are you doing? Anything exciting happened? Looking forward to anything in the week ahead?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged recently. I’ve been away overseas to America for the filming (and acting) with Dean Cain on the movie “A Horse for Summer”. I shall blog about my adventure in another post. I came home for 5 days and then left again to go onto another overseas trip to Papua New Guinea. I just returned home last night. Overseas (and especially when on a cruise ship), I find that I struggle to maintain a strong Internet connection. I have noticed that a weak connection (and sometimes wireless) make it harder to get a blog post entered. It’s much easier (and preferred) to wait until home and blog to my heart’s content.

I haven’t forgotten you all, don’t worry. Feel free to e-mail me: or use any of my other contact links if you wish to contact me confidentially. Don’t be afraid to post your comments on my blog. Sharing your thoughts and stories help to connect people, especially in the Encopresis family.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone and keep reading. Take care,


I love inspirational stories and how they change people’s lives

Ever since I was a little girl, I always hearing/watching inspirational stories (I watch them with the family too). I absolutely love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and stories on both Dr Oz Show and the Dr Phil. Show. It’s an amazing feeling when I hear about inspiring people, their stories of trial and hardship, and watch their lives transform for the better.

Before I was legal age, I always wanted to donate blood (and have successfully been able to do so, before the Blood Bank here closed down). I am a registered Organ Donor, and on the Bone Marrow donation register. I haven’t been called yet for a match, but I’m available and registered. As a young child I donated my clothes/toys/books to less fortunate, have sent a total of 10 packages of donated goods to Youth Projects (in Melbourne) and currently volunteer at Feed The Little Children (local non-for-profit organisation in Broome. Link here: I absolutely love it. I wanted to volunteer for a project with Extreme Make-over: Home Edition (even though I live in Australia), however it was brought to my attention that they weren’t going to continue anymore (I love watching the re-runs). My dad is involved in the Lion’s Club, and us as a family are involved in community projects over the years. I donate to TELETHON as well (a state fundraiser to raise money for expensive equipment and research for children with cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital, in Perth, thanks to Channel 7).

My favourite segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are the stories from inspirational stories of people’s lives, what they do to help others (and how Ellen helps them). Not a single person on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (that I can find) has ever mentioned or been a guest that has spoken up about Encopresis, and it is a huge dream of mine to be able to do so. I love her and the show more than I can write here. Many nights I dream about being on the show with her and sharing my story about Encopresis. “You are not alone” is really hard for the parents (my readers) whom have family members with this condition, foster parents and especially the battlers (and fellow Encopresis Survivors). When I had Encopresis I wanted to read a book (the one I’m currently working on) or see on TV opening up and admitting that he/she had it and willing to communicate with others. Feel free to e-mail me at: if you want to chat. I’m here.

Please help my dream come true by clicking on the link for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and share my blog with her. Link here:

Helping others with Encopresis and awareness means so much to me. Imagine how many lives can benefit (even yours) when watching a show and realising that the guest on there had exactly when you’re going through and survived. As an Encopresis survivor I can honestly say, it means so much if that was around when I had it. “Be the person you wish to see”. Please help me.

Thank you,


P.S. How have YOU helped others? Feel free to share your stories.

“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible!”

The companions that travel

Something I have noticed recently in the Doctor Who universe are the companions of the Doctor (specifically the actresses that act as them) have a cameo appearance in the season before.

For example, in Season 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, a member of the Torchwood team was Adeola Oshodi (played by Freeman Agyeman). Freema, whom joined the TARDIS team as Martha Jones in Season 3. However in Season 3, there wasn’t any new companions appearing then.

In Season 4 when Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) and the Doctor went to visit Pompeii, a mysterious Soothsayer was watching them. Karen Gillan (the Soothasayer mentioned) was Amy Pond, the Doctor’s last companion in Seasons 5,6 &7.

Can you guess who the next one is?? 🙂

Happy Australia Day (and Happy Birthday Ellen Degeneres)

English: The Ellen DeGeneres Show logo
Happy Birthday Ellen

Today is Australia Day, a public holiday to mark the day that Australia was colonised by the Brittish Settlers (and convicts). Early this morning (near midnight) we found a baby King Brown snake inside the house. My cat, Nyssa (whom also has her birthday on this day) found the snake and brought it to my attention. Fortunately the snake has been taken care of, no other snakes have been found and everyone is safe.

I wish to say a huge Happy Birthday to the wonderful Ellen Degeneres. I hope she has a wonderfully joyous and fun show and birthday, I know I would if I was there. The whole of Australia celebrates this day in their own unique way from watching fireworks, day/night out with family & friends (and you could say that we’re celebrating Ellen’s birthday too). Good timing to have a birthday, announce coming to Australia and Australia have a pubic holiday and fun on the same day.

However you choose to celebrate this day I wish you all the fun and happiness. Happy Australia Day and Happy Birthday Ellen!!