Help Encopresis survivor, Dimity, to get onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hello to all my readers out there. Happy Valentine’s Day (or “Singles Day” for those that are single). For those of you that are aware of this, one of my biggest dreams as an Encopresis survivor is to share my story and help those of you with it. When I was suffering in silence with Encopresis, I always wanted to find another person whom has it. Throughout all my years of it, I never saw a single person (apart from the guy whom is like a brother to me) or celebrity open up about it. No role model to look up to, no one that I could relate with. I don’t want anyone else with Encopresis to suffer in silence. I am here for you all.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show inspires so many people (including myself) to do great things and help others. Some of her guests on the show have inspired me and hearing their stories brings a smile to my heart (especially when Ellen works her magic). Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, both on there and e-mailing means so much to me. Here is a previous article about inspirational stories:

I have recently created a Facebook page called “Help Encopresis survivor, Dimity, to get onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Please help me to help you. With your support of LIKE-ing the Facebook page, and sharing it around, the more word together we can spread about Encopresis. The Ellen DeGeneres Show touches the lives of millions of people around the world, it only takes one person to make a difference. “Be the person you wish to see”. Please. Help me. Imagine how many Encopresis suffers are watching the show, wishing someone on there that they can actually see and communicate with, and is able to actually watch the show and know someone that is. I’m an Encopresis survivor. I know how embarrassing it is to have this condition, and feel the sting of being bullied and treated as a loner. I also know how amazing it feels to be able to connect with another Encopresis survivor. YOU are not alone anymore!! Ellen DeGeneres inspires millions, touching their hearts. With your support, we can inspire many more.

The link to the Facebook page is here:

You can always e-mail me:

Or if you really want to, you can use the online application form for The Ellen DeGeneres Show directly (please include my blog link and Facebook page):

For those that want to write a physical Fan Mail letter to the show, and this campaign, the address is here:


The Ellen DeGeneres Show
PO Box 7788
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United States of America

Have the most amazing weekend everyone. Thank you for reading. Please help spread the word and share it. Feel free to comment and say hi or share your story. Take care and thank you everyone.


P.S. Always “Be Kind to one another” (~ Ellen DeGeneres)

Doctor Who and the 12 Apostles

A big hello to all my readers out there,

How are you? For those that are experiencing Encopresis, how are you all going there? I’ve recently returned home from my holiday in Melbourne.  The main reason for my trip was to attend the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular (thank you so much BBC). It was the first time I had ever attended one of those concerts, and it is definitely something I will do again in the future (including the BBC Proms). The whole atmosphere from watching the fans dress up in their favourite characters (including a child Dalek, a few TARDIS dresses and several Doctors), the cardboard cut outs, the few actual monsters on display…and the show itself at the venue.  For me it was an amazing experience. If the cut out of the Dalek is to scale, then it’s confirmed that the Daleks are taller than me. It is one thing to watch the Daleks on TV, but the whole atmosphere is different once they actually come on stage…very very cool. Peter Davison (5th Doctor) was hosting the concert this year, and it was wonderful to see Ben Foster in the flesh too. So many happy memories. I’m definitely heading in the right direction.

Another part of my adventure was going on a drive out of Melbourne, along the Australian coast, and see the 12 Apostles landmark (something I had always wanted to see). They really do look like what they do in the photos, but you don’t get the scale of how huge they are until you see them for real (a definite recommendation if you ever get the opportunity to visit the area). I couldn’t believe how many tourists were there too, it made me feel like I was the foreigner to this beautiful country.

Something else that happened. I took up the opportunity to have a go on a Flight Training Simulator (a proper simulator used for training pilots in the different areas required for the industry). Although I haven’t been professionally taught flying, the Instructor referred to me as a “Dark Horse” (this is good), and offered to give me my first flying lesson. I’m excited. If I can fly a plane, anyone in the Encopresis family (including battlers and fellow survivors) can do anything!

Now I am home, refreshed and excited for what may lay ahead this year for me. Big ideas. Take care everyone. Tell me, what plans or goals do you have for the year ahead?

My Doctor Who Jingle Bells twist

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the magic of Christmas. I thought I would share with you all my version of the traditional “Jingle Bells” Christmas carol with a Doctor Who twist. This is an original and was written in November 2007. Although I do not own the copyright to BBC Doctor Who nor to Jingle Bells, the lyrics of this particular version is MY copyright. Enjoy, and feel free to tell me what you think (it has been suggested that I sing it and make a video of it, thoughts??) 🙂

My “Jingle Bells” DOCTOR WHO twist (November 2007)
By Dimity

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he will always save the day, yay!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is here to stay.
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he will always find a way.

First Verse:
When the Universe is in trouble, anytime and anywhere,
Then you will know, the Doctor will be there.
You can always count on him, to do the right thing,
There’s no doubt that he’ll figure it out as we all happily sing……..

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
Exter-minate, Regen-erate and
De-letion too, hey!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way.
The stars are bright, as they glisten in the night,
And there is always Time to play.

Second Verse:
If there’s something you should know,
Then come and listen to me.
When you believe in the Doctor,
You can do Anything.

Now know that this is true,
Doctor I believe in you,
Whenever there’s trouble, I’ll be there on the double,
As you can always count on me.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is on her way,
Never fear when the Doctor’s here,
‘cause he’ll always save the day, yay!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
TARDIS is here to stay,
Never fear when the Doctor’s near,
As he won’t be far away!

Society and Encopresis

One of the hardest things of having Encopresis (whether it is having the condition or being a family member of someone with it), is how society in general deals with it. It can range from hurtful comments, bulling, being treated as a loner and more. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” doesn’t appear to be something that society has understood yet, when understanding people with Encopresis.

The true value of Friendship takes on a whole new meaning when you have Encopresis, and rarely have “friends” that will accept you for who YOU are regardless of your smell. The more people that open up and share their stories to the world, as an Encopresis survivor, the more awareness Society can learn about it. Bedwetting is socially common and accepted while being someone that has a complex and misunderstood medical condition of Encopresis is treated beyond taboo, simply because no one takes the time to actually say hi.

Okay, hanging around someone that stinks is horrible…however so is being on the receiving end. As I once said to a fellow Encopresis survivor (and he knows who it is), “I know I stink, but it’s your attitude that stinks more”. I donate blood, am a registered organ/bone marrow donor, I volunteer to help feed the children (and circus train others). I have a heart. I have interests, strengths & weaknesses. I’m also full of love and have so much love to share. Now I don’t have Encopresis, I’m an Encopresis survivor, but I know how it feels. My social confidence with peers is lacking compared to others whom are more outgoing (and do NOT have Encopresis). I love performing onstage, onscreen, backstage and writing. My confidence is having fun. I never let Encopresis stop me from being creative, having a heart and focusing on my dreams.

There are so many parents that I have either communicated with (via e-mail at: or on Facebook, sharing their story and their frustration. Being accused of being bad parents, having “dirty kids” (whom us with Enco are accused of “not caring”) or not potty-training is very hard for these parents and their families. It is also very hard for us with Encopresis to be on the receiving end. Having no real friends that are willing to hang out with us means some of those dreams (having a boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, being happy and in love) feel like the most hardest dream to achieve. There have been many times at school when I would look at the other kids with boyfriends (or a rose on Valentine’s Day) and a social life and cry because I dream I can have a chance at experiencing it too. “You always want what you haven’t got”. Some of life’s simple pleasures are the greatest dream of all. I try not to let that upset me too much. I have to be strong for you all, my fellow readers.

Embarrassment, bulling, loner and more are what we (both parents/families and Encopresis battlers/survivors) suffer on a daily basis. Simply having clean underwear and someone to love us…is that too much to ask? I’m willing and eager to go public on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and be her first ever guest (in 11 seasons) to be an Encopresis survivor. I’m doing things now at circus that I never would’ve thought I have the confidence to do. It’s an amazing feeling. I’m doing all I can to help create the awareness and understanding of a topic that is socially taboo, but people are suffering in silence alone.

I find it so heartbreaking when I hear of fellow sufferers experience depression, anxiety and feeling so alone because of Enco. It is hard for the family to get his/her child into a school system that has no interest in actually being a school with a safe environment. I myself was not only bullied at school from peers, I was kept in separate classroom because of Enco and bullied from one of the teachers. The school wanted me to learn how to cope with bullying, not them (school) to stop it. There is so much I could say about this. My heart goes out to everyone. I will speak up for those that feel the silent sting from society.

You all are never alone. I’m here. You can e-mail, Facebook, write, chat and “Like” my Facebook page. Here is a poem written about my story. It truly does speak how we feel with Encopresis and wish the world to know:

If my blog is helping you, please tell me in the comments below. Where do you get your inspiration from? What are your dreams? Take care all,


Encopresis survivor on tour – thoughts?

It has been suggested that I go on tour and share my experiences with others, publically. I didn’t realise how much Encopresis affects so many lives (both directly and indirectly) until I began my journey and this blog. For those that aren’t aware, I have come into contact with families (parents, survivors and battlers) from all over the world including Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, the UK, India and many more (feel free to share where you’re from). If I travelled around (perhaps as a part of my book launch), tell me…who would be interested in this?

Understandably there are many (and I do mean many) of families that are embarrassed about Encopresis or don’t want anyone to know what’s happening in your personal lives. As a Encopresis survivor I too understand how much it means the world to communicate, meet and connect with others that truly know what Encopresis is like. You aren’t alone if you’re afraid of how society handles it and yet dream of not being alone. A social get-together or a big event, school chats, connecting with professionals and Ellen DeGeneres. “Be the person you wish to see” is what I’m talking about here. When I had Encopresis I wished with all my heart to find someone else that admits to doing what I did…and it’s a rarity to find someone willing to share their experiences publically. If going on tour (or book launch) can be of some help to you and your life, please let me know, whether you post your thoughts here on e-mail:

You can count on me. I’m willing to chat to whomever I can to help. To turn Encopresis from a curse to a blessing isn’t easy, and I’m here to help you along the way. What are you thoughts on this? Would you go to one if you knew? Has anyone else done this before (specifically a survivor)?

Have an amazing weekend ahead everyone and thank you for reading. Take care,


“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible”

Does Encopresis mean bad parenting?

For many of the parents whom have children with Encopresis, a common thought that I hear a lot of is wondering if it’s a result of bad parenting. It breaks my heart when I hear this. My own parents have also been accused of being a bad parent or to not have brought me up right. This is a majorly bad assumption. My parents raised me correctly and I’m proud to be their daughter (only daughter).

Due to the many different (and many unknown) triggers of Encopresis, it’s very hard to pinpoint what exactly is the individual’s trigger. For some families it’s a food sensitivity, moving house, death in the family (or other traumatic experiences) or simply something wrong with the body. Sadly not many people (including fellow survivors) open up publically about the condition, leaving others in the dark and feel so alone. Myths and misconceptions breed including false accusations from people that don’t truly understand Encopresis. Everyone’s story and experiences are unique.

Each child responds differently in different situations, and respond accordingly. Parents do as best they can with all the love and support within them. Encopresis isn’t a result of bad parenting, and it never will be. As a vocally proud Encopresis Survivor, I will support all parents through this condition as best I can (including supporting fellow battlers and survivors). If you as a parent is reading this blog, please be rest assured that you are NOT a bad parent. Encopresis does not mean bad parenting and I stand by that. It’d be easier if my parents knew what was happening, but that’s not what happened. They aren’t bad parents. They love me and support me. This is what a parent does. It’s not their fault my body wasn’t working properly. Only a small percentage of people in the world are diagnosed (and not diagnosed officially) as having Encopresis. If I’m not at a certain developmental point in my life as I “should” be, how come I have been measured with a societal standard that doesn’t know anything about personally having Encopresis?

You are not bad parents (nor are the parents that have raised you if you are an Encopresis Survivor/battler with this). I’ll go onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show (if she’d have me) and verify that Encopresis does NOT mean, or result from, bad parenting. I’m here for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you been accused of being a bad parent because of Encopresis? How does it make you feel?

You can always e-mail me:

I love inspirational stories and how they change people’s lives

Ever since I was a little girl, I always hearing/watching inspirational stories (I watch them with the family too). I absolutely love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and stories on both Dr Oz Show and the Dr Phil. Show. It’s an amazing feeling when I hear about inspiring people, their stories of trial and hardship, and watch their lives transform for the better.

Before I was legal age, I always wanted to donate blood (and have successfully been able to do so, before the Blood Bank here closed down). I am a registered Organ Donor, and on the Bone Marrow donation register. I haven’t been called yet for a match, but I’m available and registered. As a young child I donated my clothes/toys/books to less fortunate, have sent a total of 10 packages of donated goods to Youth Projects (in Melbourne) and currently volunteer at Feed The Little Children (local non-for-profit organisation in Broome. Link here: I absolutely love it. I wanted to volunteer for a project with Extreme Make-over: Home Edition (even though I live in Australia), however it was brought to my attention that they weren’t going to continue anymore (I love watching the re-runs). My dad is involved in the Lion’s Club, and us as a family are involved in community projects over the years. I donate to TELETHON as well (a state fundraiser to raise money for expensive equipment and research for children with cancer at Princess Margaret Hospital, in Perth, thanks to Channel 7).

My favourite segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are the stories from inspirational stories of people’s lives, what they do to help others (and how Ellen helps them). Not a single person on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (that I can find) has ever mentioned or been a guest that has spoken up about Encopresis, and it is a huge dream of mine to be able to do so. I love her and the show more than I can write here. Many nights I dream about being on the show with her and sharing my story about Encopresis. “You are not alone” is really hard for the parents (my readers) whom have family members with this condition, foster parents and especially the battlers (and fellow Encopresis Survivors). When I had Encopresis I wanted to read a book (the one I’m currently working on) or see on TV opening up and admitting that he/she had it and willing to communicate with others. Feel free to e-mail me at: if you want to chat. I’m here.

Please help my dream come true by clicking on the link for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and share my blog with her. Link here:

Helping others with Encopresis and awareness means so much to me. Imagine how many lives can benefit (even yours) when watching a show and realising that the guest on there had exactly when you’re going through and survived. As an Encopresis survivor I can honestly say, it means so much if that was around when I had it. “Be the person you wish to see”. Please help me.

Thank you,


P.S. How have YOU helped others? Feel free to share your stories.

“With an open mind, and an open heart…anything is possible!”