Happy World Circus Day 2016

Hey everyone,

How are you going? How is your weekend? Today is World Circus Day. Everyone around the world that is involved in the circus industry celebrate it by performing shows, photos, etc. The theme this year is Pyramids. Below is a photo of a group pyramid that the Sandfly Circus did for this year, before school holidays. I hope you like it, and yes I’m in it too.

Sandfly (MARCHFLY) Circus, 2016 (World Circus Day 2016, pyramid)
Theatre Kimberley Sandfly Circus (Broome). World Circus Day 2016


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2 thoughts on “Happy World Circus Day 2016

  1. Harry M VanHoudnos 17/04/2016 / 3:44 am

    Looks good my friend! Just which one in that photo was you?

    • naturegirl015 17/04/2016 / 1:51 pm

      Thank you Harry. I’m in the background, in the light blue shirt, keeping an eye on the teenager doing the high pyramid.

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