Never Give Up!!

When I was a little girl in Year 1 (or Year 2) at school, I heard a song that wasn’t ever forgotten. I was staying overnight at a friend’s house (at the age of 6 years old), and her & I were dancing. It was the chorus to “One More Night” by Phil Collins that truly touched me. At the time I never knew what the name of the song was or who sang it, but I never gave up on it.

Growing up, no matter where I was, that song was there. At the age of 11 years old, I remember hanging out at the hangar where my dad worked and hearing it on the radio. I would listen intently waiting to find out the name, but no such info was shared. As an early teenager I would go to the music shop, but no one could help me there either.

It was at another sleepover (with a different friend), as a 15 year old, that I found out the name. It was on a karoke DVD (the title) and when I played it, the tune matched the song. I never gave up on it. After I came home, I Google searched it, downloaded what I thought was it, listened to it…and cried. It had found the song that never left my heart, had a name and brought back the happy memories of when I first heard it. A few years go when I was in a chemist/pharmacy in Singapore, it was on the radio. I wouldn’t leave the shop until it finished. That song is very sentimental to me. It also shares an important message.

The message: Never give up!! I never gave up on a song when all I had was the tune of the chorus to go by. It took many years, but I found it. No matter what you are going through, including Encopresis, NEVER GIVE UP.

One day I’ll get onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talk about Encopresis. I can’t give up, I won’t give up.

Stay true to yourself, never let Encopresis stop you from being and achieving whatever you want to. YOU can do it. I believe in you.


2 thoughts on “Never Give Up!!

  1. Harry M VanHoudnos 20/04/2014 / 10:59 pm

    I know what you mean Dimity. There are certain songs that, if you hear them, just leave a place in your heart that you never forget. And I hope that it can be of inspiration to all who hear it and read this blog.

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