My flight on the Concorde

Today (still New Years Eve here), my family and I travelled out of London on a train to go and see an aircraft/racing car museum. The highlight was the simulated flight onboard an actual Concorde jet. My dad used to work in the manufacturing for British Airways on them but never got to go inside it.

I found the cockpit to be quite big when other larger aircraft have a smaller one in comparison. It was very cold and raining outside. I could feel the motions when the simulated flight was on, feeling as if I’m actually flying at almost 60,000 feet cruising height and breaking the Sound Barrier twice. I did also see the actual Concorde Simulator that was used to train the pilots to fly it, and the simulation had a Concorde taking off and landing. I coudn’t see the nose rise and fall through the screen of the simulation but it was very cool to watch.

Not long now it will be New Year here in London. Take care all my readers (and keep posting your comments as I’m very interested in hearing from you), and have a wonderful new year ahead.

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