Pee & Poop (or Poop & Pee) = Is it ok?

A parent asked me if it’s ok or normal when doing a pee for some poop to come out (or while trying to do a poop that you pee instead), my answer is yes. Although I’m not a doctor, as someone that has personally experienced encopresis, this particular situation used to happen to me several times.

There were occasions when I was trying for a poop (really trying) and I would have a trickle of pee coming out instead. I would feel that pressure of pushing (and that “half-half” feeling), but the poop would stop coming out and I’d pee. Admittedly it feels weird when this happens, it didn’t upset or scare me, it actually to be honest felt good. It felt like it was releasing the tension abit, and able to push (like a strange lubricant). I know this might not make sense but that’s what happened. Sometimes now I do wonder if maybe some pee had been trapped in the intestines because of being bound up and when pushing it was freed. Keep in mind that although the urethra and the rectum use different muscles, the same control of pelvic muscles are used (if that makes sense).

I’m not sure if it’s considered “normal” for an ordinary/non-encopresis person to experience this, but as an encopresis survivor I can say that it’s ok for an encopresis person to have happen.

I survived encopresis, am totally ok and have no medical problems because I peed a little when trying to poop, that’s why I say it is OK. I’m not a doctor, but this is what I experienced.

What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this? Has your child, with enco, done this?

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