Swimming and encopresis

For me, even when I had encopresis, I never soiled while swimming. I learnt to swim like everyone else, have own pool and swim at the beach. Not a problem for me (I’m not a strong swimmer however). I have noticed I would go to the toilet more after swimming, because the movement obviously helped to move the poo around (physical exercise is recommended by doctors to help the bowels to move along). If I had anything in the swimsuit it was old residue and nothing fresh or unhygenic. I NEVER soiled while swimming.

Any parents concerned or worried about it, I would definitely recommend swimming. Don’t let encopresis control your life (and your child’s life). It’s hard with all that’s involved and how hurtful people are when they misunderstand the situation, but you shouldn’t live your life in fear because of it. If I need to elaborate more on this or any questions then don’t hesitate to let me know. Let the children be free to swim and live a “normal” life. We don’t poop continuously 24/7…there are hours where nothing happens. Maybe go to the toilet before and after swimming.

Don’t let encopresis control your life (eventually you’ll learn to control it). Be strong. 🙂

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  1. naturegirl015 18/08/2012 / 9:18 pm

    I too had to swimming lessons with the school (and once the school bus left without me, so had to get one the ladies in the front office of school to drive me to swimming lessons). Nice to hear another survivor also comment that hadn’t soiled when swimming. 🙂

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