Write 1,000 good words challenge

A friend challenged me to write 1,000 good words in a week (on a new piece of writing). It was hard initially for me to get that first sentence (or paragraph) satisfactory enough for me to continue writing. After a while I did succeed in the challenge.

As I’ve started and working on my book (including the writing as the challenge to get me properly started and my “writing mojo” back), I have learnt how big a task I have endeavoured upon. This is a important project (I think so anyway) and my heart is in the right place. It’s so complex but seems simple at the same time. I hope I can find that balance and do the book justice, help and support those that really need it.

Something I also found out today was I called the CAMHS people (that many of the parents talk about going to), asking for information about encopresis or what they talk to their patients (and parents) about in the program. I haven’t gotten anywhere yet with that, however one of the executives of the department have passed on my contacts to someone who deals with pediatrics, saying incontinence (or soiling) is medical and not psychological. So basically the department that parents mention going to (that deal with mental health in children) to help their child with enco, pass me onto pediatricians. I know some kids will have their enco triggered as a result of trauma (abuse, adopted, cancer/death in family, divorce, etc). I just found it interesting…

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