Miranda Kerr and family in Broome, NOW!!

I found out a few minutes ago that Miranda Kerr and her family (husband and baby) are in Broome at the moment. She’s here doing photo shoots for David Jones, and has been to some of the beautiful beaches here. I thought that I would also use this entry to mention some of the other International celebrities that have visited Broome and are able to remain incognito. You don’t get groups of fans or paparazzi in Broome, and many celebs walk in the street and are literally left alone. We do get national celebs here too. Trust me when I say that a surprise ambush will stay as one until it reveals itself. This town is that relaxed when celebrities come to town. Below are a list of some of the international celebrities that have visited Broome over the years (and recently):

And plenty more. Jeannie Mai….you’d love it here!!

Magda did a flight with us, King Leopold Air, in Broome. Lucky to get a photo with her and drive her to her accommodation.

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